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Plan Your IT To Power Innovation

The pace of business change is accelerating in today's competitive environment. Your organization’s digital transformation now defines your performance – and success starts with aligning business and IT.

Keeping Pace with the Business Transformation Agenda

Today's IT leaders have a double challenge: supporting the organization, while also taking the lead to build and execute a digital strategy. Can you anticipate business needs and translate them into a digital roadmap? Learn how to align your IT and business operations—and accelerate your transformation into a Digital Enterprise.

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Learn why portfolio management is an essential step in the journey to become a digital enterprise.

Get a two-minute overview from Uli Kalex, SVP PLM / R&D.

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Alfabet Portfolio Playbooks

Long gone are the days of ivory tower IT. In order to stay pertinent and be in charge of its future, IT must partner with business and produce business outcomes. While business peers are finding new ways to delight its customers, IT must delight the business with innovative digital solutions to improve customer engagement and streamline business operations. In this next series of the Alfabet Portfolio Playbooks, we introduce four use cases that will ensure IT’s relevance for business.

Register today and see how Alfabet, the market-leading tool for enterprise architecture and IT portfolio management, can help you successfully deliver on your company’s digital strategy. Each playbook includes a step-by-step demo showing you how easy it is to innovate with business interests in mind.

March 7th More bang for the buck from IT spending

Discover how EA and portfolio management can be used to identify short-term savings as well as ensure that future IT spending is cost-effective and focused on business strategy.

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April 4th Faster gain, less pain in acquisition integration

See how EA and portfolio management can be used to bring the new team on board and provide the transparency and methodology needed in the pre-acquisition due diligence as well as the post-acquisition integration phase.

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May 2nd Digital excellence with technology innovation

Find out how EA and portfolio management facilitate identification of technology innovations, assessment of their business impact as well as road-mapping of their usage.

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June 6th Business confidence from reduced IT risk

See how EA and portfolio management can be used to structure IT risk management efforts, map business dependencies and assess risks for the purpose of mitigation and risk-acceptance decision-making.

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Watch the on-demand webinar including the latest insights and analysis from Forrester Research

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Dr. Gordon Barnett
Dr. Gordon Barnett
Principal Analyst Forrester Research
Dr. Ulrich Kalex
Dr. Ulrich Kalex
Senior Vice President Software AG

5 times leader in market analysis reports

In Enterprise Architecture, Strategic Planning and IT Portfolio Management disciplines.

5 times leader in market analysis reports

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Gartner - A Leader in Enterprise Architecture Tools

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The Forrester Wave™ Enterprise Architecture Management Suites

The Forrester Wave - Enterprise Architecture Management Suites

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Gartner - A Leader in Gartner MQ for Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis

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The Forrester Wave™ Portfolio Management Tools for the BT Agenda

The Forrester Wave - Portfolio Management Tools for the BT Agenda

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The Forrester Wave™ Strategic Planning for the BT Agenda

The Forrester Wave - Stratetic Planning for the BT Agenda

Use case Greater IT impact at lower cost

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Managing IT costs to best serve the business

Incorrect investment decisions can significantly slow down a company in progressing on its digital business strategy. See how Alfabet helps IT leaders make the best decisions for a competitive advantage.

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Aligning IT cost optimization with business strategy

Amid constant cost pressures and changing business demands IT managers must decide which investments and cost reductions best serve the business. Need a step-by-step guide to the analysis and decision-making process? Learn how to gain a full perspective on IT costs in the context of business strategy and capabilities so that you can make the best decisions.

Download white paper
Download white paper

Integrated Portfolio Management: A Source of Boldness and Tenacity

Aite Group, a leading Boston-based research and advisory firm focused on the financial services industry, investigates why nine leading companies are using Alfabet to support their enterprise architecture management (EAM) and integrated portfolio management (ITPM) practices. They find that the benefits are too great to ignore—and the costs of an ad-hoc approach are too great as well. See why ITPM is a source of boldness and tenacity for greater IT impact.

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Advancing Your Digital Strategy Faster with IT Portfolio Management

This webinar with Aite Group analyst, David O’Connell, explores the benefits leading companies are achieving by using ITPM to align business strategy and operational execution, reduce project failure, rationalize IT assets and increase agility in IT delivery.

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SA Water Streamlines Effort for Regulatory Proposals

SA Water manages $14 billion in assets and delivers safe, sustainable and affordable water services to 1.6 million customers. See how Software AG helps it reduce planning and strategy time by 20% while making its regulatory planning process simpler, faster and more accurate.

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Alfabet seamlessly connects Telkom’s business for better decisions

Business and IT silos at South African communications services provider Telkom prevented it from communicating across the organization. Learn how Alfabet IT Planning & Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture Management helped it centralize systems into a single stack to deliver a seamless customer experience.

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The Tools you need to Accelerate IT Transformation

Amid a fast-changing competitive environment, alignment between IT and the business is critical. Learn how Alfabet IT Planning & Portfolio Management gives you the toolbox for effectively supporting business goals — and where your Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) processes can be improved.

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